Under-Road Repairs

Under-road repairs are some of the most challenging plumbing projects a professional could ever face, but it’s a routine job for our team at 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz. You have concerns about insurance, liability and licensing, but don’t worry — we’re qualified and capable of making any under-road repairs you need to get your sewer or water line back in good shape.

When Problems Extend Under Slabs

There are plenty of reasons you may need a professional to go underneath a concrete or asphalt slab. Maybe your home’s water main is leaking where it connects to the town system. Maybe a root from a tree on your property is causing issues and pipe damage.

When we trace plumbing problems, we make sure our repairs encompass the full scope of the damage, and we often find that tunneling underneath roads and sidewalks is necessary.

The risks are clear: Damaging a public roadway or sidewalk can cause a range of financial problems and makes you liable for any injuries that might result. That’s concerning! It means you need to take extra care to select a professional company that knows what it’s doing and is fully licensed and insured to bear responsibility for their work. Who qualifies for this project?


Who Should You Call?

You know what we’ll say: We’re the most qualified for the job. 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz has experience in tunneling, under-road plumbing repair. Our techniques are perfected and designed to inflict as little damage as possible to any property.

Better yet, we leave the worksite looking better than we found it. All tunneling paths are filled in and restored. We can also handle permitting requirements, depending on your town’s or city’s building code. We make sure all the work we do is fully legal and condoned by the city.

What Sets Us Apart

While any sewer repair contractor can tell you they’re qualified to handle your under-road repair, do you really want to take a chance on a “professional” who’s only completed this type of job once or twice?

What sets 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz apart is our vast level of experience with complicated plumbing challenges like this. Just talk to our past customers — we have the skill and expertise to go under-road without you having to worry about liability.

Experience Matters Most

If you couldn’t already tell, we are firm believers that experience should be your deciding factor in choosing a plumber to handle your rooter repair, especially under-road projects. 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz is the best choice for Sandy, Utah, homeowners and business owners. We also send our crews throughout Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front region.

Get in touch today — see what makes us different. Let’s tackle that major under-road repair. We’ll give you the confidence in the success and longevity of your plumbing system. Get 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz on the job!