Trenchless Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining

24-hr Rooter Connectionz provides trenchless sewer replacement and repair throughout the Salt Lake City area, helping Utah homeowners save money and get their plumbing back on track in no time. When sewer lines are cracked or leaking, you can depend on us for an effective fix … without digging up your entire lawn! Get your plumbing repaired and keep your grass green — call 24-hr Rooter Connectionz today!

trenchless pipe repair and pipe lining

Trenchless vs. Traditional Methods: Which Is Better?

Digging up a sewer line for either a repair or a replacement isn’t the easiest job. The pipe is laid beneath many feet of earth, on top of which sits your gorgeous landscaping — the landscaping you’ve spent countless hours cultivating. If the sewer line runs underneath your deck, patio or driveway, that means even more damage at the surface level, significantly adding to the cost of repairing or replacing your sewer line the traditional way.

Trenchless sewer replacement and repair has changed the game. No longer do we have to haul in a backhoe to fix the problem — repairs can be completed in less than a day, with no flowers harmed in the process.

Just on a cost level, trenchless sewer replacement and repair is worth it. Beyond that, you’ll save the hours it would take to mend your yard, too. It’s a frustration-free way to get the job done, and 24-hr Rooter Connectionz is here to help.

Pipe Lining and Pipe Bursting

There are two main ways to repair or replace a problematic sewer line: pipe lining or pipe bursting. The extent of the damage to the pipe will dictate which option will be more effective.

With pipe lining, a flexible tube is placed within the damaged pipe and inflated. Hardening resin cements it in place and creates a corrosion-resistant “pipe within a pipe” that effectively carries waste from your home. To complete this repair, only one access hole must be dug, making it the least invasive option.

Pipe bursting requires digging a hole on either side of the broken sewer line. A new pipe is dragged through, while the old pipe is fractured and moved. Once this is completed, you essentially have a new sewer line, with minimal digging involved!

Pipe Lining: Noninvasive Techniques Mean Fast, Affordable Service

Save money on restoration costs with trenchless sewer replacement and repair, and get professional work from our licensed 24-hr Rooter Connectionz team. We come to your home, assess the damage and provide a free quote. Call today to set up an appointment and get unmatched service at the best price!