Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

The thought of needing sewer line repair and replacement can be frightening. You may picture backhoes tearing up your lawn and major bills eating up your savings.

We won’t lie to you — that is always a possibility when you have sewer line problems, but we can promise you this: We do everything we can to provide a range of affordable, effective solutions to get your sewer line back in order as soon as possible. 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz is the team to call when your sewer line isn’t performing — we can help.

What’s Wrong with Your Sewer?

In the case of old homes, pipes may have corroded, cracked or collapsed over time, simply due to age and wear and tear. It’s also possible for tree roots to grow into pipes. Roots are naturally drawn to moisture, and pipe leaks can direct growth where you don’t want it to go. Roots obstruct wastewater flow and contribute to blockages.

Grease or any foreign substances that have built up over time could contribute to sewer line cracking and breaking. Also, the joints that seal the pipes could come loose and leak, causing ponding and pooling your yard.

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Are Repairs Possible?

We use all available methods to repair your sewer line without having to excavate. Traditional repair approaches involve digging up the affected area and replacing just the section that’s damaged. We also utilize trenchless methods and re-lining services to restore the integrity of your sewer line without all the usual fuss.

Get to Know Your Options — All of Them

We’re not a typical plumbing team that only gives you our preferred repair option. We fully inform and educate you on all your alternatives. When it comes to determining repair or replacement options for any major home repair, you need a trusted expert on your side to show you the return on investment for each choice.

We offer an unbiased opinion, because we are looking to secure your business for life. You can trust 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz!

Call 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz for Immediate Help

A sewer problem is serious. You can no longer use your bathrooms and kitchens when you’re waiting for sewer line repair or replacement. Call 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz. We offer instant analysis of the problem and an accurate itemized quote for our repair or replacement recommendation.

It’s not easy to deal with major home repairs, especially when they concern your sewer line, but luckily, you have us on your side. We make it understandable and help you stay confident in your choice for repair or replacement.