Drain Repair & Installation

Drain repair and installation services are our top specialties. At 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz, we know that when your home’s or business’ plumbing is compromised, your productivity goes down the tubes — pun intended! We are here to help.

Leaking drains can create a variety of problems that are preventable, whether through repair or re-installation. Leave it up to us to thoroughly assess and clearly communicate the extent of the problem. No more wondering or guessing — you’ll know exactly where your drains stand when you talk to 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz.

Draining System Problems You Don’t Want

There is a reason drains must work efficiently in order to pass any type of building inspection. You need them! In order to live and work safely, you can’t have blocked, leaking or broken drains.

One of the most odious side effects of poor drainage is what it can do to the inside of your home. Leakage can lead to moisture buildup behind walls. This can then cause mold to develop, which is a major health hazard and could compromise the structural integrity of the building.

If you have a drain leak near the home’s foundation, this can cause soil erosion, cracking and shifting of the foundation. These additional problems are much more expensive to fix, and that’s why prompt drain repair is always a good idea.


Our Troubleshooting Process

Using our training and extensive experience, we can trace and track the efficiency of your drain lines. If there are leaks, we’ll find them. If you need a repair, we’re on it. You can count on 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz for a fast response and a clear answer on the source of the problem and the best way to fix it.

When New Drains Are on the Agenda

Sometimes drain lines just aren’t repairable. This may be the case for older homes or properties where the drains weren’t fitted correctly in the first place. A new installation is like a fresh start, especially because we do it right.

We Respond Right Away

We pride ourselves on our quick response that helps our customers get back the fully functioning plumbing system they deserve. It’s why “24-Hr Rooter” is in our name! We want to make sure your bathroom and kitchen are working, and working well. When you call us, you don’t have to leave a message and wait to hear back until the next business day. We respond right away and offer clear, itemized pricing for all the work we do, before we do it.

Give us a call right now if you’re worried about the state of your plumbing and you think you might need drain repair! From troubleshooting to a new installation, we’re your team.