Drain Cleaning

You don’t realize how much you need your drains working until they aren’t. When clogs and smells start to bug you, you need 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz. We’re standing by in Sandy, Utah, and we’re ready to tackle any project. Drain cleaning isn’t the most glamorous job, but we consider it gratifying! Trust us to get your plumbing moving again, and fast.

Drain Cleaning Keeps Waste Moving

Problems with your plumbing don’t usually get better on their own. Think about a dripping faucet — it only gets worse over time. Drain clogs are the same type of problem, only you can’t see them, you can only experience the negative side effects.

We have many techniques we use to clean drains. It just depends on the extent of the clog and where the problem lies.

drain cleaning Sandy Utah

Sure Signs it’s Time to Call Us!

The first sign you need drain cleaning is a slow-draining sink. The kitchen is probably the most likely culprit for a drain blockage, simply because of the amount of food particles that may accidentally get washed down the drain.

As fat congeals and builds up, it makes it harder for your sink to drain efficiently. Maybe this has started happening in your bathroom too, where soap and hair are more of a problem than food.

Another common sign of a drain clog is overflowing toilets. Your first reaction may be to use a plunger, but when this doesn’t work, it’s an emergency situation!

Finally, one of the milder (yet still unpleasant) symptoms of a drain clog is a bad smell coming from your drains. There could be caused by a dead rodent trapped in the pipes or food buildup. Either way, you need drain cleaning to extricate the clog.

Why Trust 24-Hr Rooter?

The best part about 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz is our name: We’re available 24 hours a day. We’re well aware of the fact that plumbing problems don’t happen on an 8 a.m.-5 p.m. schedule, and it’s too bad if your old plumber does.

We are here to help any day, any time, and we look forward to the opportunity to respond to emergencies and provide immediate solutions. Let’s get your drains back in good working order!

Get Your Flow Back: Give Us a Buzz

From pipe jetting to good old-fashioned drain snaking, we are masters at finding and eradicating clogs. Call 24-Hr Rooter Connectionz when you have an emergency or when you suspect a clog. We are here to help you get that efficient drain flow back!